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From the website’s FAQ:

“Who is this for? Full Cart is perfect for hard working individuals and families looking for a way to extend their grocery budget.

Why is there no charge for the groceries? Full Cart partners with generous companies and organizations you know and love to cover the cost of your meals. All you pay is shipping.“

This makes my heart happy (and less stressed)


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If you or someone you know is struggling to buy groceries


If you or someone you know is struggling to buy groceries, I highly encourage you to check out Use promo code “climate” to get the Signature Box – 32 lunch/dinner servings, 12 side dish servings, 15 breakfast servings, 6 snack servings, and 3 fresh produce items for $4.99 delivered!

No strings, no obligations, food delivered by fedex usually within 3 days. It’s a great program.

No one should go hungry.]

For anyone who needs this.

Why Is Movie Popcorn So Expensive? 

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